Sunday, July 8, 2012

Staining Stinks

Things have slowed down a bit here. The construction crew finished their portion and the floor guys quickly moved in. Never thought hard wood floors would be so time consuming. They have to lay and glue each one down, sand the entire surface at least a couple of times, which brought a very thick dust everywhere. Then they had to stain the wood in 4 separate layers. Once Friday, twice Saturday, and one last one on Sunday. That stain stinks. Good thing we aren't going in there till Monday. Needless to say the look beautiful so far; excited to see a finished floor. 
In the meantime, our staff has been busy cleaning tile and ovens and freezers and pretty much everything else you can clean in a restaurant. Being shut down allows us to get all things we need to get done easy since we don't have to worry about cooking food.

No one can say the John the owner doesn't work hard. This tile was stuck on pretty tight. Looks like a messy job!

Jose and Sergio were hard at work too They cleaned out three walk-in coolers. Scruba-dub-dub. 
Erik had the task of reorganizing the wine room. Gee, I hope one didn't accidentally uncork, therefore had to drink? Actually, he was relabeling the number system we had. About halfway through his label-maker broke!
Soon there will be a finished product out in the dining room. Monday the booths and tables will be delivered and then the room will really start coming together. Until then.....



  2. It would really look more stunning when it will be done. :D

  3. Oy my gosh. I remember you, Laura when you were just toddling around. I used to sell wine to the restaurant about a million years ago for Johnson Bros. Your dad would ask you to get beer nuts and you would toddle begind the bar and grab the correct snack. The Lake Elmo Inn was one of my favorite accounts (next to The Lexington, which was my grandma's restaurant). Say hi to your mom and dad for me, tell them I'm going to plan a trip to the restaurant! Best of luck with the restaurant!