Thursday, July 23, 2015

Summer Cocktails

We love our specialty drinks over at the Lake Elmo Inn and are constantly changing our list depending on the season.  We've decided to feature five breezy summer drinks for you to try and help you beat the heat this summer. ENJOY!

This cocktail puts a delicious twist on a summer classic, the Mojito. There's just something about adding fresh berries to any drink that screams refreshment.

Berry Mojito

2oz Bacardi Wolf Berry Rum
Blueberries & Raspberries
Soda Water
Dash of Simple Syrup

Did you know that America’s new favorite wine varietal makes a deliciously sweet cocktail ingredient? Give your peachy White Moscato wine a twist with this fabulous recipe!


 Blood Orange Puree
Garnish with Berries

What's better than sitting out on a patio with a martini in hand... Very little in our minds.  Especially with one of these!

Yoko Lime Martini 

 Cucumber & Lime
2oz Rain Organic Cucumber Vodka
2oz Sweet & Sour
Garnish with a Cucumber

Looking for an after dinner cocktail? This martini is the perfect choice for a chocolaty liquid dessert.

Chocolate Martini 

 2oz Godiva White Chocolate
1oz Stoli Vanil
1oz Kahlua
Garnish with a Chocolate Stick

Our signature Let It Rain cocktail has  super-cooling cucumbers and even a dash of pepper to keep you on your toes.

Let It Rain 

 1 1/2 oz Rain Organic Cucumber Vodka
3/4 oz St. Germain
Lime & Cucumber
Simple Syrup
Soda Water
Black Pepper
Garnish with Cucumber