Thursday, December 12, 2013

Jars of Smiles

Things in Jars... 

I have always loved the look of mason jars.  A family friend of ours has collected mason jars for what seems like FOREVER… seeing as how many she actually has.  Recently, when her daughter got married, they used these mason jars as the centerpieces for the tables.  In some of the mason jars there were flowers and in others, floating candles.  This is why I love jars, they are so versatile. 

Complied here are my 10 favorite things in jars… The options are truly endless with this.

1.  Cowgirl Cookies:

I was invited recently to a dinner at my sister's house and I made one of these as a small Thank You gift for having us over.  They are simple and easy to make. You can find this tutorial on Bakerella

2.  Mason Jar Wall Planters:

This is such a great idea and would be perfect for a small herb garden.  You can find this tutorial on Not Just a Housewife's Blog.  

3.  Everything in a Jar:

I love the concept behind this.  The hardest part about this project is just making sure everything will fit in your jar!  The Gunny Sack has even provided the template for the label that you can print out.  

4.  Salad in a Jar: 

This just looks delicious.  I could not pass up putting this one on the list.  The layering of each ingredient gives the look of sand art.  You can get the recipe here by Fat Girl Trapped in a Skinny Body.

5.  Sugar Scrub: 

Yet another great idea for a Christmas gift.  Creating something like this and giving them out as gifts shows people that you put the time an effort into making something special for them!  You can find the tutorial on Tidy Mom's Blog

6.  Red Velvet Cake in a Jar:

Who doesn't love the rich colored red from a red velvet cake?  Impress guests at a party by making a couple of these for dessert.  You can find the recipe here from My Cakies.

7.  Dog treats in a Jar:

When I found this I immediately made these for my dog and he loves them! Super easy and your dog will love you for it.  Thanks for the idea My Sweet Savannah.

8.  Mason Jar Sippy Cups:

Great inspiration for an end of the summer party.  You can find the tutorial on A Bit of Sunshine's Blog.

9.  Rainbow cupcakes:

Don't these just scream Make Me!  These would be perfect for a child's birthday party.  Check out Running with Glitter's Blog on how to make these masterpieces.  

10.  Christmas Centerpiece:  

This is perfect for a Christmas gathering.  Simple and beautiful from Better Homes and Garden.

So many of these ideas can turn into easy, trouble-free, inexpensive gifts for others.  Keep that in mind for your next gathering!